Tog Tips

Tog Tips
March 18, 2016 Tracey Atkinson

7 ideal tips for Surf Photographers

  • – Make sure you have enough batteries and memory cards.
  • – Choose the right shooting mode for the job: Aperture Priority(A or Av ) is the mode to choose if you want to control the depth of field – how sharp your photos are.
  • – Learn to use the histogram for the rule of thirds.
  • – Photography is really about composition and light – ensure the sun’s not shining directly into the camera.
  • – Learn and practice using your Exposure Compensation: Exposure compensation is simply a way of telling the camera that the exposure it is picking is not what you want.
  • – Consider purchasing an external hard drive to backup your pictures. Capturing epic shots on a good day, can easily ensure you reach 1000 images per session.
  • – Keep your equipment clean and free of salt and sand. If possible, soak underwater photography equipment in fresh water after each use.

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