A Mentawai Quickie

A Mentawai Quickie
July 17, 2016 Toni

Touch down

It was humid and rainy, everybody smoking everywhere, music from T.V game land was pumping and things were not how I imagined them to be. We had arrived in Padang.
We met with Greig drank some beer, ate nasi goreng, drank more beer and and an… 4am zzzzzzz.

The next evening we boarded a ferry– 15 hours of hung over, jam packed steel, making it’s way on the Indian.

We docked in Siberut, climbed onto a motortrike, gathered some supplies from the village, ate rendang, drank mud coffee, loaded the 15ft dugout to the brim, waited for a dark storm cloud to pass  and finally we made our way.

“The feeling connected to the realization that my lifelong dream was coming true, was absolutely insane. It’s impossible to contain the excitement, a cocktail of positive emotions, each one being triggered by the mixture of senses which are trying to comprehend exactly what is taking place in front of you. The new sights around every bend while meandering through the mangroves, the gentle breeze in my face combined with the mist from the bow, the smells and sounds which seemed unfamiliar at first, all began to soothe my soul. This was no longer a dream, this was reality.”

We were given a warm welcome by the Umma Moanu crew upon arrival. The main topic of discussion on the first evening was waves, waves and more waves. Jaco showed us some of his footage from previous days as well as the swell forecast for the days to come and at that exact point in time, the butterflies began.

The next day

We were up at dark and on the water at sunrise making our way to the waves – one of the main reasons I quit my job and traveled half way around the world.

My first glimpse at the reason I was here, was nothing short of breathtaking. I could see it in the distance and i began to feel nervous, it was like the feeling of approaching a chained up fire breathing dragon, and my mission was to tame it. We were closing in on this beast, it became more defined, a dark blue tube with a thundering explosion of white water hitting the reef. It looked like it was just standing still, then a charter boat blocked the view and suddenly the same dark blue tube was in my sights again, “holy shit…it’s still going!” I thought to myself while watching in awe.  Without fail, it blew it’s load, like I’d never seen before. This was a moment to remember forever.
That evening I slept like a rock. Especially after 8 hours of wave time.

To sum it up…

The Mentawais is a piece of paradise suited to anybody with a sense of adventure.

We managed to discover ‘secret’ waves in uncharted territory, take afternoon naps and sip from coconuts on untouched beaches, catch fish for days, get caught in storms, surf from sun up to sun down and got to know some awesome people.

Something I learnt about the Mentawais is that one can never know what to expect and that a little bit of patience will get you a long way.

‘Mentawai is Mentawai’


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