May 29, 2016 Toni


We’ve spoken about it, you’ve probably heard of it and you may even feel it every now and again.

“I’ve never felt it sitting at backline.”

What is it ?

An example of FOMO would be me sitting in this humid, mosquito infested room, with a fear deep down, that I am missing out on the chance to be on a tropical island off the southern coast of Sumatra, or chilling on a yacht in the Indian sipping cold Bintangs waiting for the swell to arrive.

Instead, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about FOMO and how to get over it.

“FOMO can either be  a consequence of a choice that we’ve made, or it can be a catalyst to taking the step which may, or may not get you to where you think you wanna be.”

It's a matter of if

FOMO is a bitch, because instead of embracing our surroundings and looking at the positive, we are allowing “it” to distract us by thinking about where we are not.

I think we all get it, except when we are doing the things we truly love…

Could FOMO be a guiding light, your soul telling you what you really want?


So get out there and stop


Be lekka and share your greatest FOMOMENT with us in the comment box below.

We will see you in the water soon.



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