Caught in Action

Caught in Action
September 1, 2014 Toni
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 Jeffrey’s Bay ‘FERAL’ duo seen shooting surfers after their ‘escape’.


Keith and Celeste have recently escaped from captivity and have been shooting surfers in J-Bay ever since. I wanted to find out more…

…haha, funny. Keith and I started our professional photography career with wedding photography back in 2009. We were living in Johannesburg and were between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth when we realized that surf photography was what we really wanted to do. We stayed in Jeffrey’s Bay for a portion of our trip and while we were there, we spent our days photographing surfers from the rocks at Supertubes. It was there and then that we decided to ‘escape’ from the ‘rat-race’ in order to pursue our new found passion for surf photography. Moving to one of the best surf destinations on the planet, J-Bay, has allowed us to do just that. It’s like a dream come true.

Who has inspired you the most?

Our favorite and most inspirational surf photographer is Brian Bielmann. We have studied some of  the “Master” surf photographers and are always looking to emulate their techniques.

…your work is original and I’ve noticed the ‘Feral’ effect, could you please elaborate on this.

Thank you. Well, upon moving to J-Bay we used to shoot at the various surf spots around town starting in the early morning and going until our batteries, memory cards or stomachs demanded we return home to recharge. We then purchased a waterproof housing for our cameras. This was one of our best investments in terms of camera accessories as it has enabled us to change the perspective and approach to the way which we capture surf photography, we are now able to shoot as a team which allows us to get creative with various angles from the water and from the shore, this may just be the ‘Feral’ effect you were referring to. We absolutely love being outdoors doing what we are doing.

Wow…and how has the J-Bay experience been so far?

Our home town J-Bay offers unique opportunities to grow our surf photography brand. After about ten months of photographing the local J-Bay surfers and the international visitors, some of them on the pro tour, we realized that we had some great footage.

“What was the best way for us to share our work?” we thought, and about five weeks before tens of thousands of visitors arrived in J-Bay for the J-Bay Open, we decided to publish our own surf photo-art magazine highlighting J-Bays surfers. To explain the many challenges we faced to make this happen before the J-Bay Open descended upon our town is impossible, but suffice to say we made it by the skin of our teeth and managed to published the 1st issue of “The Feral.”

In addition to the J-Bay Open, we have many other competitions and events that keep us active. Surfers from across the globe come to Jeffrey’s to surf the world famous ‘right-hander’.-Supertubes. We love it here not only because it’s laid back but also because we can do what we love – Photograph and surf.

It sounds like J-Bay has really captured your hearts, what is your choice of equipment and accessories?

Regarding equipment, we have a variety of lenses but currently we find that the 150mm – 600mm lens performs superbly from shore and offers a wide range of zoom options. Sometimes a 70-200mm f2.8 comes in handy. Since we both surf this gives us a chance to explore new angles and ideas that we can incorporate into our photography and it keeps our style fresh.

For our water photography we use a Brother Housing waterproof camera casing and usually shoot with a 50mm lens. We occasionally use a wide angle lens. Adobe Lightroom makes sorting and editing a breeze since we work with huge amounts of photographs.

What is the highlight of your photography careers to date?

Our biggest accomplishment is publishing our own surf magazine – ‘The Feral’ – Print and online copy, get your free copy here.

We launched issue 1 this year and our second issue will be out on 1st November 2015. The timing of the release of our issues is to coincide with the busiest times for J-Bay, when the majority of tourists and holiday makers visit.

Where can people view your work?

Our work is available at:

Twitter – @Feral_Photo

Instagram – @feralphotography

Facebook – the feral surf magazine.

We also offer photography workshops and if you are interested to attend one of our workshops, please contact us via our website:

We are enjoying this exciting world of surf photography and hope to gain exposure as we go and we know that platforms like will assist us in this respect.

In the meantime, if you want to get hold of us, take a walk along a J-Bay beach or paddle out into the lineup and you’ll probably see us out there, camera in hand, smile on face.


Thank you both for your time and good luck with your future endeavors, we hope to assist in boosting your exposure in the surf photography world.

Kind Regards



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