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Please read and understand all T’s and C’s

The following provides the terms of use of the RiderzGallery website. Before using any of RiderzGallery’s services, you are required understand, and agree to what is outlined below.

The pages found via www.RiderzGallery.com and all pages linked, are of the property of RiderzGallery. Please read and understand the terms and conditions of service carefully before agreeing to use the services of RiderzGallery. By accessing, using or viewing any content made available by RiderzGallery, you hereby agree to be bound by these terms and conditions outlined below.

No person, under any circumstances may use RiderzGallery to post personal or pornographic images or other inappropriate materials. Under no circumstances may you send spam mail, post political content, harass people, speak negative language or other actions which may be regarded as rude, impolite, racist or just plain nasty. 

Any images or material uploaded onto the RiderzGallery platform will maintain all copyright previously attached to the material in question. RiderzGallery vows to guard your copyright to the best of its ability and in accordance with the applicable legislation, and therefore will never sell material without the permission of the owner of the material in question. 

With regards to limited liability, indemnity and negligence, RiderzGallery is not liable for something which has not gone completely right. It is the photographer’s responsibility to always have a backup of your material and images. RiderzGallery will under no circumstances be held liable for any loss and or damages of any kind whatsoever, under contract, legal theory, or negligence with regards to its services or the content on the RiderzGallery website.  

It is RiderzGallery’s request to its users and members to uphold the good name of the brand, and respect its trademark, as RiderzGallery respects your’s. 

In respect of termination, RiderzGallery as well as any of its members may terminate and stop providing services of any kind at any such time. 

If any such term or condition changes above, you will be notified at that such moment. It will then be rightfully assumed that you have read such amendment.

Other T’s and C’s

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